On March 22nd, RCRC nominated, Tedd Ward, Director of Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, to CalRecycle’s SB 54 Advisory Board.   

SB 54 (Allen) of 2022 requires manufacturers of single use packaging and food service ware to take responsibility for the management and recycling of the products they introduce into the stream of commerce.  SB 54 also creates an Advisory Board comprised of various solid waste, environmental, and local government stakeholders, including one who is to be nominated by a statewide rural county organization.  This Advisory Board will help inform the state about infrastructure needs and barriers to support reuse and recycling and provide advice to CalRecycle on developing and implementing SB 54 regulations.   

Tedd Ward has over 30 years of experience in local government solid waste management and recycling; has chaired the Rural Counties’ Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA) Technical Advisory Group since 2020; and served for two years on California’s Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets & Curbside Recycling.  He has consistently provided valuable insights and direction to both ESJPA and RCRC over the last five years; RCRC is pleased to nominate him to the SB 54 Advisory Board. 

RCRC supported SB 54 as a way to shift responsibility for end-of-life management of materials introduced into the marketplace.   

For more information, please contact John Kennedy, RCRC Policy Advocate.