The Rural Counties' Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA) is seeking information on efforts by RCRC solid waste jurisdictions to comply with the edible food recovery requirements under the state’s organic waste recycling regulations under Senate Bill 1383 (Lara, 2016).  

As part of California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy, SB 1383 requires statewide recovery of 20 percent of edible food that is unserved and uneaten to be directed to feed people in need and divert from landfills. Jurisdictions are required to implement edible food recovery programs to help increase food recovery throughout the state by working with food recovery programs to strength existing networks and work with commercial food donors to recover the maximum amount of edible food that would otherwise be disposed.  All food donations are required to meet food safety requirements.  CalRecycle has also provided grants to jurisdictions to implement this program.  Jurisdictions are required to document these food recovery efforts and take enforcement action against noncomplying commercial food generators and food recovery organizations.   

ESJPA is compiling information on this program and is requesting feedback from member counties on their efforts, successes, and impediments to implementing and monitoring these food recovery programs in rural counties. Understanding how these efforts are faring may give insight into the need for any policy changes needed to improve program success.

Please send comments to Staci Heaton at or John Kennedy at More information on this program and requirements is available here