On Tuesday, the Little Hoover Commission held a business meeting to consider adoption of a report on California’s organic waste recycling regulations, also known as the Senate Bill 1383 regulations. The report, which has been in development for nearly a year, included input from various stakeholders that are vital to implementation of the program, including RCRC affiliate Rural Counties Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA) and its member county solid waste jurisdictions, as well as the compost industry, solid waste haulers and CalRecycle.  

ESJPA Deputy Executive Director Staci Heaton testified in August 2022 at the request of the Commission, explaining some of the unique difficulties rural jurisdictions have experienced with finding sufficient infrastructure to process organic materials, procuring recycled organic content and, most importantly, implementing the program in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Jared Carter, Madera County Deputy Public Works Director, also joined the hearing to discuss the county’s very specific issues with requiring mandatory curbside collection in a county where many residents find it more feasible to haul their own solid waste. ESJPA and its members also met with Commission staff on several occasions to help inform the findings contained in the final report, which included many of ESJPA’s recommendations for improving the organics recycling program. 

Members of the Commission heard testimony from the public at Tuesday’s meeting, ultimately approving the report to present to the Legislature and Administration for their consideration. More information on the Commission’s organic waste recycling report can be found on their website.  

For more information, contact RCRC Senior Policy Advocate and ESJPA Deputy Executive Director, Staci Heaton.