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Pacific Gas and Electric profits hop higher as revenue from electricity and gas surges – Times-Herald

An increase in PG&E profits is disclosed just weeks after a rate hike for residential customers went into effect January 1, and just weeks or months before another bill increase is projected to begin.


Bankrupt Madera hospital has a reopening plan. What's next? – CalMatters

A California hospital that left a county of 160,000 people without critical emergency care when it shut down 13 months ago took a significant step toward reopening last week, and it could begin accepting patients as early as this summer.


California’s massive dam removal: Who gets once submerged land? – San Francisco Chronicle

The nation’s largest dam-removal project, the dismantling of four hydroelectric dams near the remote California-Oregon border this year, may be the end of one story.


Why are Californians voting on Newsom's Prop. 1? – CalMatters

Governor Newsom’s Proposition 1 is the latest milestone in California’s long struggle to address mental illness. It would allocate new funding for housing and treatment facilities, aiming to address a crisis that plays out on city streets.