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AT&T claims no one will be left behind, but will the lines be abandoned in an emergency?: Board of Supervisors address several items – The Union

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors opposed AT&T's request to end its Carrier of Last Resort status due to concerns about emergency service access and safety. RCRC's Tracy Rhine commented on AT&T's CPUC application, stressing the implications of AT&T withdrawing as a Carrier of Last Resort.


Will a $16-billion water tunnel destroy California's delta? – Los Angeles Times

In the heart of California, where two rivers meet under tule fog, lies the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, crucial for water supply. Debate rages over the Delta Conveyance Project, aiming to secure water for millions while risking ecosystem damage.


California needs reliable water supply, but climate change brings more uncertainty – CalMatters

As California’s precipitation becomes more erratic due to climate change, the state needs more tools, including more storage capacity, to make the water supply reliable.