Counties are required under state and federal law to provide a variety of services to their residents.  To fund the diverse and complex cadre of programs and services, financial resources must be accessible.  The following are the key funding components for counties:

  • Property Taxes – portions of property taxes (generated by private property within the county). Schools, cities, and special districts share in property taxes;
  • Fee for Service – building permits, business licenses, marriage licenses, recording fees, property tax transfer fees;
  • 1991 Realignment Dollars – sales taxes and vehicle license fees generated statewide are used for health and human services programs;
  • 2011 Realignment Dollars – state sales tax portion and some vehicle license fee revenues for public safety subventions, criminal justice realignment, and health and human services programs;
  • General Sales Taxes and Sales Taxes for Public Safety – a portion of sales taxes collected in a county/city are dedicated to the county general fund, and some local sales tax portions are to local police and fire;
  • Special State Assistance – i.e. special election cost reimbursements from the state; and,
  • Locally-Enacted Fees and Taxes – most common is sales taxes for transportation.

RCRC is committed to protecting these revenue streams and ensuring funding levels are commensurate to covering the costs of providing local programs and services, many of which are mandated by the State.

Staff: Staci Heaton