California is home to nearly 1.8 million veterans, with that population expected to increase significantly over the next five years.  RCRC supports policies that ensure veterans receive the resources and services they have earned through their military service.  Access to healthcare, education, housing, and employment assistance are all critical to a veteran's successful transition into civilian life.

Specialized military training, including firefighting and law enforcement, often are not recognized when veterans are attempting to transition into the civilian workforce.  RCRC supports changes to law that would allow specialized training completed during military service to qualify as training for non-military employment to speed up re-integration of veterans into communities without having to bear the cost of duplicative state-mandated training.

RCRC is dedicated to the ideal that each county should have the right to support their military and veteran families in the way that best suits the needs of their communities, including reducing or waiving permit fees, incentivizing veteran-owned businesses, or through other means devised by the individual counties without restriction from the State.  Additionally, RCRC supports continuous state funding for County Veterans Service Officer programs which provide important services to military veterans and their families.   

Staff:  Tracy Rhine