RCRC advocates for a common sense approach toward reducing the effects and severity of wildfires that have plagued California over the last decade. 

Formed in 2014, RCRC is a Charter Member of the California Forest Watershed Alliance (CAFWA), an urban-rural coalition representing water, environment, local government, timber, and agriculture interests.

The members of CAFWA, the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), California Farm Bureau Federation, California Forestry Association, The Nature Conservancy California Chapter, and RCRC work together to seek new ways to promote science-based, and ecologically sound forest management practices that would reduce the risk of destructive megafires to promote the health of California’s forested watersheds.  CAFWA’s mission is to protect the forests, natural resources, and local economies by accelerating the pace and scale of forest management and fuels reduction practices.

Staff: Staci Heaton