RCRC supports positive county-tribal relationships through the effective implementation of a sound State regulatory structure including compacts or other judicially enforceable agreements between tribes, and State and local governments.  RCRC advocates for the inclusion of counties during the decision-making process in the creation of compacts between the State and tribes in order for federally-recognized tribes to permit gaming and other activities on their lands.  RCRC recognizes that many tribal activities will impact local governments and surrounding communities, and we advocate for the creation of a system by which these effects can be fully offset.  Additionally, RCRC believes that a more reliable system of mitigation could lead to better tribal-county relationships, and foster a more collaborative approach on mutual challenges.

RCRC believes State compacts/agreements that allow gaming, cannabis production and/or other business ventures on tribal land should:

  • Be appropriately mitigated to ensure the county is not left with serious unmet infrastructure or public safety needs (i.e.  payments must be dispersed from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund) or other contractual obligations to make counties whole as to their costs;
  • Hold tribes to the same level of standards in environmental regulations when siting new businesses in California as other businesses, thereby creating a level playing field for both tribal and non-tribal entities; and,
  • Require judicially enforceable agreements between tribes and local jurisdictions.

Staff:  Staci Heaton